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The University Leadership Council & BUNYAN Initiative for the Capacity-Building of the Youth

The University Leadership Council is a capacity-building and entrepreneurship hub which is meant to (i) enhance mutual collaboration and create synergies between relevant stakeholders for the purpose of enhancing continued knowledge sharing in the UAE and the capacity-building of the youth for a continued betterment of human capital and the cultivation of local talents; and therefore for those purposes (ii) undertake meaningful capacity-building joint initiatives and relevant ventures; and (iii) organize high profile joint convocations to encourage greater collaboration between industry, academia, relevant governmental agencies, and other relevant segments of the community for the continued improvement of youth preparedness and the enhancement of human capital in the UAE;

  • The University Leadership Council identifies innovative ventures and creative initiatives that could contribute to foster common interests and collaborative endeavors between relevant industry, academia, and relevant governmental foundations with a focus on the advancement and empowerment of the youth and the continued development of human capital in the UAE;

  • It investigates new conceptual frameworks in support of further development of entrepreneurship, and explore multiple avenues of multifaceted collaboration to significantly enhance the knowledge base in the UAE and within the wider region;

  • It looks into ways of creating a strong triangulation and mutually beneficial synergies between industry, relevant governmental agencies, and academia--to uphold, encourage, and support a sustainable culture of technological innovation joint endeavors and enhance the development of human resources and preparedness of the youth in the UAE by affording them unique opportunities to connect, learn, network, and succeed.

  • The University Leadership Council also focuses on fostering a rapprochement and more significant exchanges among institutions of higher learning, relevant foundations, governmental agencies, and leading industries in fields of interests to students, young graduates, and faculty experts from leading institutions in the UAE;

  • The Council’s multifaceted sessions and convocations also look into establishing bridges between the brightest students and young graduates from across leading universities in the UAE and employers of choice from industry;

  • It also looks into avenues for securing from industry, government, and private individuals contributions towards relevant entrepreneurship and capacity-building activities to ensure support for the brightest young minds graduating from UAE leading universities with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • As a part of the University Leadership Council’s leading initiatives, a bi-annual forum themed “The Status of Knowledge Generation in the Arab World” is convened in November in Dubai and in April in Abu Dhabi bringing together influential members from government, industry and academia, in addition to a number of other similar relevant convocations that are both exclusive and of the highest caliber.

  • As a key initiative of The University Leadership Council, launched under the patronage and with the presence of His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, the BUNYAN Initiative for the Capacity-Building of the Youth provides a platform for prominent industry leaders and distinguished academics, mentoring cohorts of the brightest young entrepreneurs of the UAE, to look into avenues of mutual collaboration that are meant to significantly enhance the opportunities made available for the capacity-building of the youth, and locally relevant creativity and advancement in technology and innovation;

  • The BUNYAN Initiative for the Capacity-Building of the Youth, convened under the patronage and with the presence of His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, consists of both (i) BUNYAN Knights (most promising young entrepreneurs nominated and selected from among the best and brightest graduates of the leading universities in the UAE), and (ii) BUNYAN Fellows, prominent inspirational figures from industry nominated to the Fellowship by the BUNYAN Knights, who view these prominent figures as role-models for the Emirati youth.

  • This capacity-building initiative also complements theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical experience from the “University of Life” and identifies channels of regular interface between the brightest would-be graduates and role/models mentors/”business angels” from the business community through internships, workshops, seminars, high-profile forums and exclusive VIP convocations.


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